On My Laziness Being My Best Asset for My Writing

WritingI am a lazy person. I hate doing work. I could lie in my bed all day if there was nothing to get done. I would consider watching Netflix in my bed and eating hot fries to be a good night.
My laziness doesn’t benefit me in many ways. Sometimes it makes it hard for me to accomplish normal tasks, like laundry. One way my laziness benefits me, though, is with my writing.
My laziness makes me a super concise writer. To be honest, I try to write as little as possible. My fingers aren’t going to move on this keyboard any more than necessary.
If you haven’t noticed, these posts are all pretty short. I put down what I need to say, and then I get out. I write simply and to the point. My laziness may be a major flaw, but it makes my writing powerful because of the simplicity of my language. Even in high school, my essays were like, intro, bam, point one, bam, point two, bam, point three, bam, conclusion, bam. And that was it. No meandering, no tangents, no unnecessarily long descriptions.
I tend to be pretty economical with my words, in life and in my writing. I don’t want to say anything that I don’t need to say. Some people have different writing styles and some people go on with lengthy description, and that’s fine. This trait of mine, my laziness, doesn’t make my writing better than others. It just makes it my writing. It’s my style and it works well for me. It makes my own writing better than itself.
Writing is all about expressing who we are and our thoughts in the best way we can. It’s not about emulating other people. If you’re a concise speaker or writer then don’t try to be a descriptive writer. You better make sure your words pack a punch, then. And if you tend to use your words liberally, then don’t try to emulate Hemingway. Use your words as you want and give us as much description as you see fit.
My laziness is the best thing for my writing because it’s what makes it characteristic. It’s a reflection of me. That’s what writing is all about.
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