On the Siesta Key Drum Circle

Siesta Key, where I’m staying in Florida, is an island off the city of Sarasota. It’s less than four square miles and is mostly made up of cottages, hotels, and resorts. There are plenty of quirks to the island that give it character. There are nice restaurants, a farmer’s market, and of course a beach that spans the entire length of the island. One of the best features of Siesta Key has to be the drum circle.


Look at this guy.

Look at this guy.

The Siesta Key drum circle happens every Sunday at the public beach. From what I read, this circle started organically, perhaps just a few drummers were hanging out on Sundays, but now it’s grown into quite the event.

I went this past Sunday and it was really awesome. Around a hundred people were gathered around the drummers. They formed a circle, in which people could dance along to the beat. The best part of it was the lack of inhibitions the dancers had. They were enjoying the music, the sun, and the people around them. Most people took their shoes off and felt the sand beneath their feet. One woman even danced with a sword on her head.

People of all ages and all walks of life gather for this event. Who is excluded when it comes to enjoying music? I went with my grandma, her partner, and my brother. It could be a family thing if you’re with family, or a friend’s thing, if you want to grab a couple beers and have some fun.

You don’t have to dance, if you don’t want to. You could just tap your feet to the beat or sit down and relax. There’s an abundance of great people-watching too, as there’s all sorts of people who attend it.

My favorite part of the evening was heading down to the water as the sun was setting. Of course the sunset is beautiful over the Gulf of Mexico and the beat of the bongo drums in the distance makes it.

If you find yourself in the Sarasota or Siesta Key area, definitely attend the drum circle. It’s a great time for everybody


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