9 Things to Do on a Florida Beach When It’s Cloudy and Cold

Today, my first full day in Florida, was pretty cloudy all day. By that I mean, I didn’t see the sun come out once all day. It was also pretty cold, especially on the beach, where the wind was blowing. That’s exactly what a Rochesterian, leaving the cold winter, is looking for when she comes to Florida.

No need to fear, though, I still managed to have a great time. While having a great time, I also managed to come up with a few ideas for the next time you find yourself on a Florida beach when it’s cloudy and cold.

Cloudy, but still having fun.

Cloudy, but still having fun.

9 things to do on a Florida beach when it’s cloudy and cold:

  1. Avoid the water. It’s most likely colder than the air.
  2. Chase the seagulls around. It’s entertaining and the running will keep you warm.
  3. Wrap that towel you brought with you around your bare arms. You may have been hopeful when you dressed yourself and packed your bag this morning. Don’t worry. You’ll still get use out of that towel.
  4. Drink rum. This serves both as a great beach drink and a wonderful way to keep your shivering body warm.
  5. Make a lot of noise. You have the whole beach to yourself, because no one else was crazy enough to come to the beach in this weather.
  6. Build a sand castle, but then stop when you remember you need to wet the sand and that requires stepping into the water.
  7. Watch seagulls tuck their beaks into their back feathers because they’re cold and shivering, just like you.
  8. Turn to the side and pretend you are looking at the water. If you actually look at the water, the wind will blow sand directly into your eyes.
  9. Take a nice, long walk back from the beach after you decide it’s gotten too cold to stand any longer.

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