On Teen Pregnancy

"5 out of 10 women say their first interaction was unwished or involuntary."

“5 out of 10 women say their first interaction was unwished or involuntary.”

Our culture is absurdly biased against teen mothers and pregnant teens. We view it as the worst situation that a young woman could find herself in. We view them as the lowest form of person. They’re immature, bad at making decisions, and even worse, sluts.

Never mind all the other teens who are having sex, with the odds in their favor. What about our educators who don’t provide us with the real facts on birth control? Don’t forget the teen boys who try to have sex with as many girls as possible with no repercussions.

People don’t view this kind of discrimination as sexism, but it is a way in which we suppress women and make them feel inferior. We teach women that they must be modest, pure, and refrain from sex, lest we be labeled a slut. And if a young woman becomes pregnant, she is the ultimate form of a slut. She is the perfect symbol for us, as a culture, to take our hatred of the sexual woman out on.

Young boys don’t think as much about what would happen if their partner becomes pregnant. Why would they? They most likely wouldn’t have to deal with it. They have this freedom, both a biological freedom and a cultural freedom.

We view young boys who stick with their partner when she becomes pregnant as noble. These boys are really the most basic form of decent. That is their child. If you create a child, you should be taking responsibility for it. It’s all too common for young men to run away from this mistake. Leaving us with a culture of children with few male role models.

It’s true, there are many great men, men we should look up to. But, in our culture, in the media, how much more common is it to see men who run away from responsibility? The commonplace is men who want to live out their late teen years well into their twenties, and their twenties well into their thirties. There are stereotypes of the women nagging the men until they grow up. But, the women aren’t viewed as responsible; they’re viewed as robbing the man of his fun and his youth.

When it comes down to it, we teach men to be selfish. They believe it’s alright to shut themselves off from the world and make decisions only for themselves.

The biggest example of this is with teen pregnancy, but we don’t recognize this as part of the problem. Teen pregnancy is so scary. It’s something that young, sexually active people, parents, and society in general fears. We run away from this fear. We do not face it head on and create an aware culture. Instead, we continue to blame the young, terrified mothers, the people who need the most support in that situation.

We need to take a more understanding approach. Why don’t we educate these teens on the decision making process and how the act of sexual intercourse could have a huge impact on their lives? Maybe then we would see more responsibility in the kids. Maybe then, these fathers wouldn’t be so scared.






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