On Thinking of the Words

cooltext1238507781I’m not going to lie; sometimes it’s hard to think of new things to write about every weekday. It’s not that there aren’t an abundance of ideas out there. I’m aware that I could be blogging every day for a million years and not even come close to unraveling all of the universe’s or even the world’s mysteries.

But, sometimes my brain is just not having it. It’s on lockdown and doesn’t want to think about anything. Unfortunately, my brain can’t choose when it wants to do that, because I have to write every day and I have to post on my blog every day. Why? Because I said so.

Today is one of those days where the thoughts just aren’t flowing. Luckily for me, it’s Two Way Hump Day and because of my own made up rules, I can ask you a question and place the burden of thinking of the words to write on you!

If you’re not familiar with my segment, Two Way Hump Day, familiarize yourself, for god’s sake. Every Wednesday, I answer your questions or I ask you some. The purpose of it is to start a discourse on interesting topics. Writers, thinkers, dreamers, philosophizers, or just any kind of human at all really is welcome to partake! Spread the word on Twitter and all those social media things.

So, my question this Two Way Hump Day is:

What do you do when your brain’s not having it, but you still need to get work done?

I’d genuinely like some tips on this front. My answer is evident: I find some not-so-discrete way to bullshit my way through my work.

Happy Two Way Hump Day!


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