On My First Novel


The following is the plot of my first novel that I wrote, which is still untitled. I am currently working on revising it.

James and Janis are a young couple who seem to find what they need in life from each other. They individually struggle with their dark pasts, but together it seems only the present matters.

When they discover that Janis has become pregnant, the couple disagrees on what to do about the situation. They are thrown into a situation where they must think about their futures.

Janis feels a bond to the life growing inside her. She struggles with ideas of what it means to be a woman and if taking responsibility for the child she created is one of those things. She had never thought about this experience before and feels lost.

James, on the other hand, has never learned the role of the father within a family, since his father passed away when he was quite young. He is terrified, though he wants more than anything to be with Janis, He decides he can’t embark on this endeavor in which he believes he will ultimately fail.

James leaves Janis to raise the child on her own. He says the day their child, Persephone, is born is the last day he can see Janis. And he follows through with this plan on that very emotional day.

As they continue with their separate lives, they come into more troubles. Janis finds that being a single mother with low amount of income she gets from running her dance studio is a difficult and strenuous task. She isn’t finding the redemption she once got from dancing, as it is becoming only a means for money. She also finds as she focuses on “mothering” her daughter and students, she forgets about her own need for expression.

James battles with odd jobs and fruitless relationships, romantic and platonic. As he struggles to pay the bills, he discovers the bonds he had with people like his father and Janis are few and far between.

The novel switches perspective between Janis and James as they grow up and begin understanding the world in a different way than they had previously known.

You’ll have to wait until it’s published to find out how it ends! Keep checking in on my blog for updates on my progress.


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