On Christmas

As I’ve gotten older it’s been harder to know exactly what Christmas means to me. It can mean many things to many different people:

Being with family, sharing gifts, being selfless, the changing of the seasons, the birth of Jesus, etc.

I know it's sad to let go of Santa, but there's other things to believe in!

I know it’s sad to let go of Santa, but there’s other things to believe in!

When I was younger it was all about Santa. I would anticipate his arrival. Christmas Eve night felt so special. This was the night Santa would come. I’d look out into the darkness of the night and imagine Santa’s sleigh emerging from it. I never saw it, but I had hope that in the morning there’d be an abundance of presents underneath our family Christmas tree.

It hasn’t been this for me in a while, as Santa is just for children. But, still for many years after the theory of Santa was debunked, I kept eagerly awaiting those presents in the morning. But, I felt empty without Santa, who represented faith in something magical happening in the morning. I felt much like Cindy Lou Hoo, who coped with Christmas changing as well.

Christmas continues to change and I wondered if that means it loses it’s meaning. My life is completely foreign to the days where I awaited Santa’s arrival, and I don’t care about the gifts anymore. I am thinking much more about building a stable life for myself than receiving knick-knacks.

So, what could Christmas mean for me? Well, I believe it should be about faith. For many people, it’s about faith in Christianity. But, for me, it’s faith in a tomorrow. Just as I just knew Santa would come in the night to make Christmas morning happen; now, I just know I will set up my life and make it into what I want it to be.

My future is uncertain, just like the night sky from which Santa comes. But, I have faith that I will be successful with my writing, find a stable and homey place to live, and continue to have a fulfilling relationship with my boyfriend.

For me, Christmas is about asking myself what I want from life and then having a sense of faith and security that it will happen.

It just so happens to be Two Way Hump Day as well as Christmas, what a miracle! My question is:


What does Christmas mean to you?


Respond below in the comments OR write your own post and tag it “Two Way Hump Day” OR tweet @oshitbritt.



photo credit: <a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/funky64/4170745005/”>Funky64 (www.lucarossato.com)</a> via <a href=”http://photopin.com”>photopin</a&gt; <a href=”http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/”>cc</a&gt;


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