On “The Sisters of Joy”

“The Sisters of Joy” is a feature length movie script that I have been working on for about a year and a half now. I’ve just finished my fourth revision and it’s getting about ready for me to do something with it. Here is a summary.

The screenplay was originally titled "Diana," but I've since changed it to "The Sisters of Joy."

The screenplay was originally titled “Diana,” but I’ve since changed it to “The Sisters of Joy.”

Graduation is approaching at Our Lady of Joy, an all-girls Catholic high school. A helpless romantic lesbian, a misunderstood A+ student and a grief-stricken introvert all deal with their emotion-packed senior years, until they meet the charismatic new girl, Diana.

Natalie, healing from her recent lesbian heartbreak, meets Diana, who seems to be the answer to all her love-life miseries.

Olivia meets Diana in the lobby of her psychiatrist. The two girls bond over being deemed “crazy” by their moms. Olivia finds she can actually be herself with her new friend, something she’s never been able to do in high school.

April has been trying to cope with her mom’s recent death and she feels like the world has nothing to offer her but pity, until she meets Diana. She gives April a chance to live like a carefree like a high schooler should.

Diana brings these three misfit girls together to her eerie, abandoned childhood home where they eat pot brownies. Diana convinces the girls that “having some fun, letting go, gets you through a lot.” But, April ends up feeling very anxious, as she reflects on her mother’s death. Diana is not around to comfort her because she is making out with Natalie, who she continually seduces throughout the film.

One day, Olivia and Diana hang out with two boys and Diana discovers Olivia really likes one of them, Josh. Diana convinces Olivia to text him very suggestive things, which is unlike Olivia.

But, she ends up thanking Diana a few days later as they go to smoke weed in the woods behind the school. The girls get caught and suspended.

Diana decides to “get revenge on the school” for suspending her and Olivia. However, Olivia wants to start focusing more on college for next year and doesn’t want to go with Diana, so Diana gets Natalie to do her bidding. The two girls spray paint a statue at the school. Natalie is overcome with guilt when the school responds with such sadness.

April and Olivia confront Natalie about it, worrying that she’s too caught up in Diana’s antics. Natalie says that her and Diana are in love and April heatedly reveals that Diana was making out with Josh, which throws both Natalie and Olivia into a world of heartbreak.

After this point, things start to fall apart for some characters and fall into place for others. You will have to wait until it’s on the big, silver screen to find out how.


3 thoughts on “On “The Sisters of Joy”

  1. I like this…it took me a moment to balance the characters in my head, but you definitely have me intrigued about Diana.
    Who is the girl and why is she helping the others tap into their real (or at least desired) selves? What is Diana getting out of this?
    I can easily see this staying in the dramatic sphere or even going horror, depending on your plans for Diana.

    • I’m glad you got a horror vibe. The ending isn’t exactly horror, but there’s a twist at the end that definitely sends it out of the drama genre.
      That same twist sheds insight into Diana’s intentions. But, I can add that she’s struggling herself. She doesn’t want to move on and leave high school and that has a lot to do with her pulling these friends back into the high school mindset.
      The characters are clearer in the screenplay, but I’ll work on defining them better in my synopsis. I’m sure that would make the story have a greater impact. Thank you for reading!

      • Synopses are incredibly hard to write, in my experience…so much harder than the actual screenplay because everything feels important but can’t be.

        You’ve got a good start! It sounds like it’s an interesting story.

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