On Guilty Pleasures

Something just doesn't feel right about watching this show.

Something just doesn’t feel right about watching this show.

I suppose I have a lot of guilty pleasures, but at the same time I’ll admit to any of them. I’ve found thereare two types of guilty pleasures, however.

Sometimes it will be other people trying to make me feel bad about something I genuinely like. “Glee” is one of those things. It seems juvenile and cheesy, and people put it down for those reasons, but I still like it. It’s funny at times, it usually portrays important societal themes that people in high school have to deal with, and it has really good music (for the most part). They’ve done a lot of my favorite songs on the show, and typically, they will never compare with the originals, but who cares?

The other type of guilty pleasures I have is when I actually feel a sense of guilt. This object of my pleasure actually goes against a belief I hold, and I feel torn. This is how I feel about the show, “New Girl.” I really don’t find it all that funny, and frankly Zooey Deschanel annoys me quite a bit, so I don’t know why I keep watching. I think the character of Nick is lovable, and Schmidt is pretty funny, so that draws me in.

But, the show is pretty sexist. An episode will rarely pass the Bechdal test. Sure, Jess has her best friend, Cece, but they are ninety-nine percent of the time talking about the men they are dating.

I don’t know about other women but, I have female friends and we talk about a lot more than men. In fact, we discuss some pretty deep philosophies. So, it’s just really not realistic and paints a simplistic view of women.

Depp philosophies may not have a place in a sitcom, but they could at least talk about their careers or aspirations or any number of things. How does this sitcom mimic real life if Jess’ supposed best friend is only her confidant when it comes to her love-life woes?

Not only that, but it seems all Jess is ever worried about is something pertaining to men. It doesn’t bother me how her character is pretty classically feminine, because you can be the traditional sense of feminine and still be strong and independent, but she isn’t either of those things. And need I point out that the show title is “New Girl?” She’s thirty years old. She’s a woman.

I’ll be watching “New Girl” and thinking all these terrible thoughts about it, but I’ll still watch it. Why? I guess that’s the true sense of the phrase guilty pleasure. Not when others make you feel guilty for watching something, but when you actually feel your moral fibers being ripped at the seams. I’m going to go disgruntledly sit in front of my television and watch yet another episode of “New Girl.”


2 thoughts on “On Guilty Pleasures

  1. Endearing description of your true feelings! I find the same sort of guilty pleasure in awkward social moments. Everyone else is feeling awkward and terrible, but I’m just reveling in it on the inside. Ha!

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