On Moving Around A Lot

In the two and a half years since I graduated high school, I’ve lived in New Orleans and New York City and I’ve spent some time in Edinburgh and other parts of Europe. I seem a little crazy to people, as they often can’t keep up with where I’m living or what I’m doing, but I do this for a very good reason: I feel fulfilled in doing so.

I love my home and I take comfort in having friends and family around, but sometimes I feel like I need an adventure. It’s those times that I decide to move somewhere new.

A pirate's life for me.

A pirate’s life for me.

In the past I’ve gone in thinking I’ll build a life there and a new home and meet new friends to take comfort in, but it doesn’t really work out that way for me. I think I’ve resigned from ever achieving that ideal.

I’ve watched on Facebook as friends from high school assimilated into their homes at college and wondered how they did that so quickly. Maybe other people crave that security and home-like feeling more than I do and so more actively seek it out. That’s fine for them, but for me it’s very different.

I’ve stopped looking for new homes. Sometimes a home isn’t necessary; in fact it can hinder us.

It’s impossible to have both adventure and home at one time. Adventure means having a lack of security, facing our fears, being alone, and having nothing and no one to rely on. It is the absence of home. It cannot exist without there being a home somewhere else, but it is not with us when we are in a state of adventure.

Times of adventure are times that we learn. It’s when we voyage into the unknown and take that unknown and make it ours.

Though adventure and home cannot live happily together, we as humans still crave both. I try to balance the two of them in my own life. This is why I’ll spend a stretch of time in a new city, taking in everything that I can, and then return to my home of Rochester, to reenergize myself with the security of home. That’s how I learn and grow as a person. It’s how I become fulfilled without turning away from what scares me. It’s how I balance two inherent needs of humanity: adventure and home.

Now, when I leave for a new city, I don’t go in thinking I’ll make a new home, but instead I’ll make a new adventure; I’ll be out in the wild on my own.


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5 thoughts on “On Moving Around A Lot

  1. Brava!! I’ve done the same… traveled across the oceans to other places, alone. Met some wonderful friends along the way and had some quiet adventures by myself that I still treasure. You’re definitely right: adventures are educational.

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  3. Wow! I love this. It makes me feel a lot better about also traveling and having wonder lust.I never feel quite at home in my new surroundings, and I feel that the pressure to do so can even take away from the sense adventure and growth I could be reveling in. Thanks for this insight. I think I am slowly growing to embrace that sense of being out of my comfort zone and also appreciating my roots and the people that I can always come home to.

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