On Analysis Paralysis

Do you know that feeling of thinking about things from every single angle, tearing apart an idea, until you’re stuck in a corner with nowhere to go? It’s the most frustrating feeling in the world. It’s that moment we surrender and acknowledge that the limited power of our conscious minds pales in comparison to the infinite power of the universe.medium_9532672937

I used to get this feeling all the time when I was watching and reading a lot of Stephen Hawking and reading up on quantum physics. I went through this phase of wanting to know these things people don’t think about on a daily basis, these things that are so mighty and humbling that it becomes too much to focus on all the time. I began to recognize the insignificance of my existence as well as everyone else’s individual existences. I had to stop going down that dead end path because it was affecting every part of my life and my ability to interact with other people.

I think about all the “progress” we’ve made on this earth and it makes me wonder what it means. We view time as our chance to be better. We think, in the future, we’ll be better; we are making progress. But, who defines progress? We will keep trying to uncover more and more of the mysteries of the universe, but it is infinite. We will never get to this goal we have envisioned of the future.

So, it makes me wonder about how analysis paralysis, which I have experienced on an individual level, will look on a greater scale. For me, it broke down my ability to connect when I valued knowledge over existence. What is it going to be like when on a societal scale we feel the crushing despair of our insignificance? What is it going to be like when we have turned outwards instead of inwards for answers to questions for so long that we cannot face one another on a fundamental level anymore? And what is it going to be like when humanity, in the sense of human emotion and compassion, no longer exists?



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5 thoughts on “On Analysis Paralysis

  1. I knew there was something about you that I just love! I recently read about quantum physics as well! And I’m so intrigued that I’m going to relearn math and physics just so I can understand it all!

    That’s why through my analysis I’ve concluded that there are no end goals. Progress and the process of progress is the goal itself.

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  3. I remember when all of this happened. I caught on as well. I remember when we first started to understand the ego and the universe and our “insignificant” place in it. How far we’ve grown in our understanding of things since then!

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