On Happy Moments


I asked my boyfriend for inspiration on a post for today. Sometimes it’s hard to have something to say each and every weekday. Though I manage, even if sometimes I just barely pull through, let’s admit it. But, he told me to write about “rainbows, puppies, or Led Zeppelin.” I found Led Zeppelin to be the most valuable of the three of those (at least to write about.)

So, then I asked him what about Led Zeppelin? And he replied, “The Rover.” Well, I don’t have that much to say about The Rover. But, I put the song on to listen to and get a little inspiration for today’s post. I, then, began eating a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and all was well in the world at least for that moment.

Some of the best moments for people are when we are able to sit back and enjoy the world around us. I was really just soaking in that song and the chocolatey-peanut butter goodness. It was a moment of bliss.

I, then, of course had to put an end to the moment, as the song ended and I needed to write this post. But, that just goes to show, happiness lies in certain moments, no matter how simple, and that it is never something we can obtain. It is a little bit like the post I wrote about love. It is something we may always work towards in our lives, but never something we can own.

Since it is “Two Way Hump Day,” and my post is about happy moments, I hoped people could share some of their happiest moments. As always, comment below, write a post and tag it “Two Way Hump Day,” or tweet @oshitbritt.


5 thoughts on “On Happy Moments

  1. I was actually thinking about my understanding of happiness today. First of all, I think that even in long stretches of life filled with loss, depression, anxiety, and despair, it is beautiful and interesting how these happy moments you describe can still be found. It shows that if we shift our perception to see the good and the abundance that exists in our lives, we are forced to notice that no matter how bleak our circumstances may be, life is never all bad. Secondly, I was thinking that to many people, I may not appear to be an optimist or someone that is happy all the time. This is definitely true about me. I feel that I spend lots of time in confusion and skepticism trying to unearth greater truths about the universe and trying to inch a little bit closer towards enlightenment. With this being said, I think I earn my moments of happiness when I can analyze something and suddenly the world makes a little bit more sense. To me there is no greater bliss, and I realize that even in despair and confusion, life is profoundly beautiful.

    • Oh god, I know those moments too. I love realizations and I think we’ve had many of them together.
      And I definitely agree that focusing on the good is the key to happiness. There will always be good and bad.
      I was also thinking the other day about specifically body image. We’re taught to hate our bodies and of course this brings us down. Because, not many people are 5’9″ with bib boobs, a round butt, a thigh gap, and whatever else is supposed to be desired (I don’t even know anymore) but there are plenty of things every body can enjoy about their bodies. And we should, as a society, begin focusing on those.
      That’s just one aspect of mass unhappiness I see, but the same concept can be applied to anything.

      • That is a great point. I think that is something we could all benefit from consciously striving towards. I can only imagine the ways that mass unhappiness manifest themselves in terms of the collective unconscious of this society. Don’t even get me started on the mass unhappiness of consumerism (which, of course, is also closely linked to the campaign against women in their bodies that encourage us to hate ourselves).

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