On Flaws and Manipulation


There are people in this world who have quite a bit more awareness than other people. It can be awareness about the society we live in or about their place in society. But, with that awareness it becomes apparent how we take advantage of the system and of others in our lives.

Everybody uses society to his advantage. Some people are aware of what they are doing and some people are not; some people do it to a greater extent while other people give back and keep a good balance. Others can combat a selfish person by being aware of it and not falling prey. I’ve come to discover that the people who don’t fall prey happen to be the people who are self-aware.

Think of a man who takes advantage of our patriarchal society. He’s aware that women feel pressure to look a certain way and crave reassurance in that area. He uses this knowledge to sleep with a lot of women. Now, the women he hits on could realize what he’s doing and refuse his advances. They could choose to not be a part of that system. So, the burden of not being taken advantage also lies with her. However, does that excuse the man’s original selfish actions that takes advantage of a system he knows is in play?

Humanity is a complex system of give and take in the name of self-preservation. We must become aware of what is happening around us to combat it.

My question for “Two Way Hump Day” is:

Is being aware of your flaws, the way you manipulate the system, a call to action to fix them? Should you become less selfish and abandon the idea of self-preservation despite the system we live in? How would this play out in a person’s life?

Answer in the comments below, write your own post and tag it “Two Way Hump Day,” or tweet @oshitbritt.


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