On Being Shy


The biggest misconception about shyness is that it springs from self-consciousness. People, who are not shy, often believe that more introverted people are scared of others or to express themselves. Being a shy person, I don’t believe I am anymore self-conscious than anyone else. Sure, I have moments where I want to impress people, but it is then that I will usually try to be more social, which will turn out to be quite awkward and forced. When I’m content in a situation is when I will often be the most quiet.

Introversion doesn’t come from the ego. It is merely a personality trait. In fact, I think it is often a counter to the ego. Introverts don’t raise their hand in class, or speak over other people, or make their presence known because we’re aware that we don’t matter more than anyone else. We don’t like babbling on because our points don’t always have value, not any more than anyone else’s at least. There is no shortage of useless information in the world, and we don’t want to add to that. When we feel we have something to say that is unique, or of value, we will speak up.

Introverts are always pressured by others to be social or to assert ourselves, which can be very uncomfortable for us, but the importance of alone time is rarely stressed. Our alone time is when we get a chance to just be. We have to come to terms with the fact that we are all essentially alone and that that is a part of being human. It sounds depressing, but it only is for those who are not well acquainted with the feeling. It is just a fact of life and something we are taught to ignore. To all the introverts, don’t let the world tell you to ignore your nature to be contemplative and reserved. We need people who are okay with being alone, because some of the most important discoveries happen in that time.

Since introverts don’t often get the chance to share their experiences of introversion with one another, for obvious reasons. I just wanted to ask if other introverts out there agree with what I had to say. Comment below or tweet your answers to @oshitbritt.


8 thoughts on “On Being Shy

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  2. I love this! Something else is that oftentimes people tell me that I’m extroverted. it always baffles me and causes my feathers to ruffle, so to speak. I think introverts come in many forms. In social settings I am usually pretty outspoken and can be outgoing, but deep down in public I almost always wish I were wearing an invisibility cloak. Also, I think that we are more genuine in our social interactions because when we are being social it is because we value the people we are with and not just because interacting with people gives us some sort of cheap energizing fix.

    • That’s probably very true. But, sometimes I think introverts will put themselves out there for personal gain. Like, we’ve learned the patterns and can use them if we want something out of the situation. So, in those circumstances we can be less genuine. But, those situations, where I have to force myself to be outgoing for selfish reasons (job interviews or impressing significant other’s parents or whatever) always make me, personally, very uncomfortable. I don’t think I’ve really learned the patterns I was talking about lol

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