On the Topic of Love

I don’t believe love is a rare gem. We’re fed a lie that those who have found someone they love have gotten lucky. What they did is they got to know somebody. They got to understand another human being on the deepest, most fundamental of levels. They grew together and learned what aspects of life are harder for that person and why. When we do this, we absolutely can’t hate a person. When we see where people are coming from, and I mean really see, we can’t fault them or hurt them.

It’s easier said than done. It takes a lot of work and fighting to arrive at that very special place. It’s not even just a matter of sharing with each other our darkest secrets, because there are things that we learn about ourselves only in the face of love. These begin to show themselves often when fighting with a loved one.

Love is a constant journey. When in love, we are always growing closer to the other person and growing more as people.

It’s a journey of selflessness. Sacrificing ourselves for the people we love is harder than it sounds. It needs to be done on both ends, or one person will be hurt. How do we know that the other person is ready for that? We can’t know. That’s what makes it hard and that’s where trust comes into play.

Relationships involve two individuals, though it may seem like two people in a relationship are a unit. Sometimes these two individuals aren’t in harmony with one another. This will cause discord in the relationship. It’s the responsibility of each member to put everything they have into becoming their own best person and this will better the relationship. If each person isn’t putting in the effort, it eventually won’t work out.

Relationships are almost never easy. When we fall in love, the stars do not align and everything is not great forever and always. In fact, love often complicates a lot of things. Instead of one person going through life, it’s two people going through life, trying to live in harmony with one another. Love makes us experience so much pain, yet so much happiness. It’s a way of life that takes all our emotions to the extreme. But, it’s more interesting and we have someone for support through it all. When it comes down to it, the support and moments of peace are what make it all worthwhile. 



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4 thoughts on “On the Topic of Love

  1. “Love” the image in your blog. But I have to say that true love is not limited to that between two lovers. I think the purest, most unconditional love is that of a mother for her child/children. But even that relationship has its ups and downs, especially as the children grow into adulthood and their own independent worlds. Beautifully written piece, Britt.

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