On My Screenplay

I’ve been working on my screenplay for almost a year and a half now. It’s the first project I took really seriously while I was writing it, so it’s super important to me. It draws a lot from my real life experiences at an all-girls’ catholic high school, but the fictional school is haunted by the paranormal. So, I can’t say it’s exactly like my own experience.

The idea for it was birthed by one of my friends from high school and I during a Skype session on a chilly fall day in our first semester of college. We were both in a place of reminiscing about high school when it was still fresh and having trouble coping with the new worlds we were facing. And from that feeling, came the idea for my screenplay, “Diana.”

The story follows three protagonists, all in their senior year of high school. They each have their own struggles, but all have to essentially cope with the prospect of moving on with their lives when they graduate from high school. The new girl in school, Diana, exacerbates their battles. She manipulates each of them in different ways and draws them back into this high school world. Diana is an embodiment of the mindset that blinds high school students from the real world and distorts their perception. She eerily haunts their lives as they move towards their graduation day where they each have to either move on or be stuck in that mindset forever. And you’ll have to wait to find out if they do when it’s all produced and on the big silver screen.

After my third round of revisions, I gave the screenplay to my friend, who had helped me with the original idea, for her to read. She’s reading it right now and messaging me at every moment that she relates to or that reminds her of high school. It was scary to have her read it, since she was so close to the experiences I depict in it. But, she says she relates to it all and it brought her back to the dark side of high school. Even if the experiences are very unique to our high school years, I have expressed my feelings towards it in a way that stirred a response in somebody. I hope that it will go on to move others as well. Stay updated on here or on my twitter, @oshitbritt, for progress with my screenplay, “Diana.”



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