On “Star Wars”

I write this as I sit on my bed, which is covered by “Star Wars” sheets, and to my left is a poster containing characters from every “Star Wars” movie. You could say that I have a little obsession. I really despise that word, though. Obsession. It sounds so juvenile and possessive. I prefer to say that I take a strong liking to things. I do this pretty frequently, though I’m not an obsessive person, I swear.

“Star Wars” is one of those things I’ve taken a strong liking to. It has everything a person could ever want in a movie: a good plot, romance, lovable characters (I’m looking at you, Chewbacca), strong, female characters, philosophical elements, and corny dialogue at which you can’t help but laugh.

My favorite of the three movies[1] is and always has been “Return of the Jedi.” When I was little, and wasn’t very much aware of the plot of “Star Wars,” my older brother used to ask me, “Brittany, what’s your favorite ‘Star Wars’ movie?” I’d always respond, “Which one is the one where Darth Vader has an egg head?” Something about seeing Darth Vader, this evil, powerful villain, as a vulnerable egghead, intrigued me. This reminds me of what I wrote about Gollum in my post “On ‘The Hobbit.’” I’ve always been drawn to the villains of a story, especially when they are exposed to be weaker than we thought. I, also, had to love “Return of the Jedi” because of the Ewoks. I mean, come on.


[1] You may have noticed I said “three movies,” and not the six, which there actually is. This is because I do not recognize the existence of the new trilogy. Those movies were not good.


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