On Getting Caught in the Rain

The following was written nearly three weeks ago, in case you were concerned that it wasn’t raining recently and that I am five hundred miles away from Riverside Park.


Today I got caught in the rain. Well it wasn’t so much getting “caught in the rain” as a purposeful stroll through the rain. I didn’t put on a raincoat or bring an umbrella. I just walked out of my apartment building, where my doorman gave me a strange look, and headed over to Riverside Park. There I stomped through the wide-open walkway, covered in puddles and overlooking the Hudson River. It was vacant, peaceful, and beautiful.

There is a sense of calmness to walking through the rain. People run for cover or hide under trees or building awnings. But in accepting the wetness is not the end of the world, it can be invigorating. Letting go of the things we hold on so tightly to is a part of life, and the desire to be safe and dry is one of these things.

After walking in the rain, I returned to my safe home and got into dry clothes. The comfort was given more meaning after having been out in the storm. There are ups and downs to life, wet times and dry times, thunder and calmness. Life is about embracing all of it and letting go of it at the same time. 


3 thoughts on “On Getting Caught in the Rain

  1. I LOVE walking in the rain. Always have. When you kids were really little, I’d sometimes take you for a walk in the rain. And it’s fun and freeing, especially when people look at you as if you’re very weird. See my blog of two days ago: Because I Can.

  2. ups and down both are the needs of life .. And we are being humans and we can control it… And i love to walking in the rain and sing a song.. any time you can do this .. really it feels good … Interesting Blog.

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