On Leaving New York City

On Monday I made my way back to Rochester from New York City. I had been living in New York since January, going to school, taking sketch comedy classes, and writing a lot. What I liked about New York was that there was so much to do and so much history all around me. I could also dedicate myself to writing many hours a day. I didn’t have as many distractions from friends or other connections that I have in Rochester. Being in New York was like being on my own retreat where I discovered a lot about myself, the city, and writing.

I’ve been home only for one full day and I’m already overwhelmed. I have so much to do, with unpacking, applying for jobs, apartment searching. And of course, I have a lot of friends here that want to hang out with me, and I want to hang out with them too, but my writing is a priority. It’s so easy to put writing aside for doing something else that doesn’t take as much self-discipline. But, I didn’t move back to Rochester to abandon my writing. I moved to continue it, while doing other things with me life as well.

Rochester’s my home, and it’s where people who care about me are and that’s invaluable, but it’s also a double-edged sword. There has to be some sort of balance of immersing myself in the things and people I enjoy being around, without taking away from my work. This next chapter of my life will be about finding that balance. Stay tuned for another blog post on that.Image


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