On Writing an Epic

After finishing the rough draft of my first novel, I immediately immersed myself into another novel, an epic. I am very excited about this project. I have created a very fictional and mythical world in this story. This world consists of several different villages in which I have thought out every aspect that forms a society. These societies are completely my own. This is so different from writing my novel, which takes place in contemporary American culture. I feel freer, like I am not restricted to these rules that my own society has set forth. Our imaginations truly are gifts and I realized how much lies in my own imagination while writing this story. My fictional world is an escape; I don’t have to gripe about society not being the way I want it to be, because I can create my own as I write.

This is going to be a much more elaborate project. When I started out, I spent hours writing essays on each fictional world I crafted. I have to be extra careful while writing this one, because I still have rules to follow, even if they are my own rules. If I break from the patterns I have created for myself, the story will not be good. I wrote character profiles for my other novel, but these were a little more in depth because some of my characters weren’t even human. I had to figure out how this species I had invented even acts, the food they eat, and all the intricacies of their behavior. I’m now a little half way through writing the first draft and it’s coming along really well.

My first novel really got me into writing. It made me realize I have to put in at least three hours a day into writing to reach my goals. I’ll always look back on that novel as my first step into having a true writer’s life. This novel, however, will really stem from who I am and draw out my creativity, more so than my first novel did. It shows a lot more of who I am.

With that being said, I am definitely going to go back to my first novel to improve upon it in drafts to come. There is a lot I have to say with that novel, and I intend to get it all out in the highest caliber of writing I possibly can. But, this is all for another blog post.


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