On the Season Premiere of “Parks and Recreation”

Last night was the season premiere of one of my favorite shows, “Parks and Recreation.” While this show is full of hilarious situations and witty banter, it is so much more than a sitcom.

What I love most about it are the characters. The writers have done a great job of creating lovable people of Pawnee. So, below I have listed my favorite characters, what I love about them, and my hopes for them this season.

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    Leslie is the type of person, who if her character was not well developed, could be quite annoying. She’s controlling and gets caught up in things that don’t mean that much in the long run. But, she has one really powerful positive trait; she’s passionate. In this episode, she had a moment of doubt in her passion for Pawnee. She admitted that her job as a government employee isn’t as great as she makes it out to be. Moments like this give her depth and make her passion more valuable. At the end of the episode she talked with her husband, Ben, about travelling and getting out of Pawnee for a while. This is my biggest hope for her this season. Her heart may be in Pawnee, but getting out of it will only help her to grow and expand her character.
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    I love Ben’s awkwardness, soft-spoken nature, and intelligence. He seems to be all business a lot of the time, but can also be emotional and romantic, as we’ve seen with his relationship with Leslie. Their relationship works really well because Leslie is very outspoken, which sends her all over the place, but Ben grounds her, while being passionate in a more focused way. Again, I hope he and Leslie travel this season and get a chance to grow their love.
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    Ron Swanson seems to be the fan favorite. He’s a very sharp caricature of an emotionally distant, American libertarian. While he’s a representation of this type of person, he also has real characteristics that make him a human as well. His relationship with his now-wife is a perfect example of this. Now that they are married and she is pregnant, I hope to see more humanity out of Ron Swanson. I have to admit, I got a little teary-eyed at the end when he Leslie sent him to Scotland to make scotch. It brought me back to when I visited Scotland last summer.
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    Andy, Andy, Andy. What’s not to love about Andy? He’s as pure as a child. I don’t think he’s ever had a bad intention. His characterization is simple, and that’s fine because he is simple. However, his character always has motivations that are consistent, like his interest in music, his love for April, and his carefree impulses. I don’t think there could have been a more perfect television couple than Andy and April. They’re both childlike in their own ways and they allow each other to just live in their true nature. It’s sad to see them separated at the beginning of this season, as he’s staying in London. When I see them separated, it’s almost as bad as being separated from my own boyfriend. It’ll allow their relationship to grow, though, which is what I told myself about my own relationship.
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    My favorite television character ever on any television show. Finally there is somebody who makes awkward, dark, deadpan humor okay. The things she says are bizarre, but I understand them. I also understand why she shrinks from hugs and hates doing work. Basically, she is everything I am and more. I like how in the past season they’ve developed her and Leslie’s friendship and focused more on the women’s empowerment theme. They ended the episode with April reading a heartfelt letter to Leslie and then running away from her hug. So, I’m sure they’ll continue with their friendship this season and I’m excited.

It looks like were in for another good season of “Parks and Recreation.” Sometimes when a show gets this far along it’s hard to keep it fresh, but it seems like their pulling it off. This show is really one of a kind.

Photos source: http://www.nbc.com/parks-and-recreation/about/


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