On Wearing Makeup

I’ve found that wearing makeup makes me feel much more ugly than when I am not wearing it. I’ll put makeup on every once in a while, for special occasions, job interviews, or when I’m just feeling bored before going out. I realized that as I put those chemicals and dyes on my face I begin focusing on my flaws. What needs to be covered up? What parts of my face need to be accentuated because they just fall short? Perhaps to others when I have makeup on I look more attractive, or at the very least, more put together, but I just look in the mirror and think I look hideous. I feel like a clown, or a caricature of my own face.

I’m glad to be a person who feels happier and more comfortable without that shit on my skin, because it makes things a lot easier. I have discovered, however, that those who feel more comfortable with makeup on seem to have a very fleeting sense of self-confidence. When we put makeup on our faces, we are making them into faces that are not our own. We become confident in displaying an image of a different face than what is actually ours. When we take the makeup off, however, we are left with the true level of confidence we have. It is feigned confidence to cover our faces. It’s superficial, temporary, and fleeting. But, to be comfortable with who we are is real and lasting confidence.

What we need to do is embrace how we look without it. Don’t buy into the marketing ploys telling all of us we are ugly without their product. We need to work to be happy with who we are and the real faces that represents that. Then, no one will ever need makeup again.

What are your views on makeup? Do you think it is just something to hide behind or does it have value? Comment below or tweet me @oshitbritt.


Photo source: http://sweethingsonearth.blogspot.com/2011/12/mulans-crowning-glory.html


3 thoughts on “On Wearing Makeup

  1. As a person who hardly ever wears makeup, I also don’t see the need, at least on an every day basis. My personal philosophy on the subject is that I know I’m not beautiful; I’m comfortable as I am, naturally; if other people rely on my looks to determine my true self, then we’ll never be conversant in each others’ presence anyway. Besides, the world accepts the fact that men don’t wear makeup and are socially accepted in spite of that, so why should women have to undergo the extra expense and work to use it?

  2. I agree while disagreeing. I think that some people are dependent on it like you say but others use it as a form of self expression. They have creative freedom to whatever they want artistically just like paints on a canvas. Make up is the same as a hair color, piercing, tattoo, or what have you. It is someone doing something to their body because they enjoy it

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