On Enemies

We’re so quick to point fingers and name names in our culture. “It’s Obama’s fault,” “it’s the public school system,” “it’s my Uncle Frank.” There’s certainly a lot wrong going on in our world. A lot of people are dying and a lot of people are unhappy. So whose fault is it?

It’s my fault. I’m sorry, guys. I’ve been doing it all. I’m the cause of all the starvation, rape, and violence. Hell, I single-handedly caused Global Warming. A special sorry to you, Al Gore.

That was a joke. But, it wasn’t all that far from the truth. I have caused a lot of evil in this world, sometimes unknowingly and sometimes negligently. Is it possible that we are all contributing just a little bit to the evil every day? We throw out a bottle instead of recycling, we turn the other way when we see a sick, homeless man on the street, or we think someone else will volunteer to clean up the park so we don’t need to. Everybody does these things, and it doesn’t make us monsters for doing them, it makes us human. However, each and every human plays a part in humanity as a whole, which sadly, seems to be one giant monster. All these things we do build up and then we pass the blame onto someone else, like our government, certain institutions, or our Uncle Frank.

A small entity cannot reconcile the evil caused by the mass of humanity. It’s easy to grow lazy and pass things off onto other people, and let’s not feel guilty about these mistakes. But, let’s start taking charge. Let’s do a little good each day, if not for other people, at least for ourselves. Let’s try to put in a little more than we take from the world. This is the road to a better world.



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