On Hallucinogens

“I did acid to expand my perception,” says every self-righteous stoner, who feels the need to make up for his perceived lack of intellect. Let’s not hide behind that excuse, let’s all be honest, most people do acid to get fucked up. I’m not arguing that it doesn’t change the way people think or expose the absurdities of fabricated existence, but there are many other things that do this of which the people I hear say this often don’t take advantage. To list a few:

  1. Reading.
  2. Writing.
  3. Traveling.
  4. Talking to people who challenge your point of view.
  5. Learning about new cultures (even ones within this country and often within the same cities we reside in).
  6. Creating some form of art.
  7. Learning about any topic. You don’t need to go to school for this, either. There are a lot of free online courses from renowned universities, or there are always books. Take advantage of your local library.
  8. Learning an instrument.
  9. Solving math problems.
  10. Telling someone what you believe, and being open to hearing what they believe and maybe adopting new beliefs as a result.

All of these things allow us to think in new ways that we don’t typically use in our day-to-day life. They also have little to no negative effects on our health or mental capabilities (in general they have only positive effects). If you are a person who enjoys looking at things through a different lens, or likes to “expand your perception,” you don’t need to take drugs to do so.

And for the people, who are taking hallucinogens for the purpose of getting fucked up, just own it. It doesn’t make you less intelligent, and who cares if other people look down on you. They are just different people and enjoy different things. If they take some sort of pride in the things they don’t do as oppose to what they do, then they’re self-important assholes. 


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