On People with Fancy Cameras Around Their Necks

You know who I’m talking about. I wont say it, I refuse to say it, the “H” word. Those who are pretentious, those who are over-privileged, those who feign empathy and fake intellect, those who can’t spot ingenuity and therefore do a much to be desired impression of it.

Why do they all wear those cameras around their necks? Snapping shots when they think something looks cool doesn’t make them artists. The fact that they can afford those cameras doesn’t make them artists. If they had art in their souls, it would take more than that split second when they click the button and the shutter opens and closes.

An artist works at his craft for hours a day. Every day. An artist thinks about his craft when he can’t be working at it. An artist looks forward to waking up in the morning so he can write more, paint more, sculpt more, dance more, sing more, play more. Sometimes this is all that the artist has to wake up for and he’s okay with that because he knows what he’s doing is meaningful, even when the others don’t see it.

“Likes” on Instagram don’t verify “art.” The only thing that can do that is your own soul. If you can ask your soul if what your doing is art and she says, “Yes, yes, it is,” and she says it to you and only you because that’s all she needs, then what you’re doing is art and you should take pride in it because it’s beautiful.


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