On Blogging

I’ve always been somewhat of a social media cynic. I was guilty of painting a pretty and unrealistic picture of the past, and not embracing what was to come. Our world is changing, as we’ve all experienced in the past several years. As Bob Dylan puts it, “You’d better start swimming or you’ll sink like a stone.” So, I decided to take advantage of all the resources that are available and free to use. The Internet has a lot to offer. It can be an amazing tool. We can use it to spread ideas, like we never had before. People are always so focused on the possible negative ways we use it. The Internet is not bad. It doesn’t have a moral implication; it is neutral. It’s how humans choose to use it that is bad or good, just like with any other tool. You can use a knife to make food for your family or you could use it to stab your family. It wasn’t the knife’s fault though. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be wary of someone with a knife, however.

I’ve adjusted my point of view. For some people, having that much information at your fingertips constantly could be a distraction from living life. For others though, and this is what I’m choosing to be, it is a means by which we can spread my ideas. I’m going to use social media to do things that weren’t possible ten years ago. This is the way the world is headed and we need the great minds of our generation to embrace it, or the circulation of good ideas will be lost.

One of the downsides of having it be so easy to put our writing out there is that we may not put as much thought and care into what we’re saying if we don’t need to get published to get read. No one can really control this at this point, so there will certainly be some flawed, if not wrong, information out there. However, I can control my own actions and I vow to have my own filter on my work to the best of my ability. My goal with this blog is to put out as much high quality writing as I can. I want to put my ideas out there and get people thinking.


3 thoughts on “On Blogging

  1. Brava Brittany! Wonderful first blog. You’ve accomplished much: introduced yourself, or at least your inhibitions, explained what you’re doing/going to do, and made some delicious commentary. Count me as a follower.

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